Saturday, 6 July 2013

Gardens, literature, and memories

Can there be a more intoxicating mix for a relaxing June weekend than gardens, music, good food, and the chance to listen to stimulating speakers?  The Garden Museum's first Garden Literary Festival (could it be the first ever Garden Literary Festival?) was a weekend not to be missed. With extraordinary generosity, Tom and Sue Stuart-Smith hosted the event in their family's garden at Serge Hill. We were as inspired by their delicious planting as were by the variety of impressive speakers.

(copyright Liz Ware)
The weekend was a perfect reminder (as if we needed it) that people who work with nature tend to be an open-hearted, generous spirited bunch.  Many of the speakers have reached great heights in the gardening world but I didn't detect the slightest whiff of 'celebrity' in the air.  As Sue Stuart-Smith pointed out in her thought provoking contribution, 'Gardening for the Mind', those of us who work with nature are constantly reminded of the limits of our powers. Perhaps it helps to keep egos in check!

Childhood memories of gardens and gardening played an important part in the lives of many of the speakers. If gardening in childhood is a pre-requisite for speaking at future Garden Literary Festivals, then the Garden Museum would do well to look out for the children of Wicor Primary School in Hampshire.

I visited Wicor Primary recently in preparation for an article.  I can't stop telling people about it.  It should be required visiting for every school and parent in the country. And perhaps for everyone else too! They've opened their grounds to visitors for the National Gardens Scheme for the first time this year.  You still have a chance to visit - this Sunday, 7th July.  Prepare to be impressed!

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